Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Otro Entintado

Another Inking


Here's the new inking with the corrections .

Entintado hecho en Toon Boom Studio. Prefiero el Illustrator para entintar, es más preciso.
Inking done in Toon Boom Studio. I prefer Illustrator to ink, is more accurate.


JohnK said...

The line is good, but some of the shapes have been toned down

particularly negative shapes

like the shape of the mouth overlapping the chin

and the ripped part of the top of his head

JohnK said...
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Paul B said...

OK, I'm gonna give it another try.

Steven M. said...

Nice ink job.

JohnK said...

Hi Paul

how do I get ahold of you again?

Paul B said...

Hi John, you can write me to